Ready? Set? Bangkok!

  • After catching up on some much needed sleep, we’re ready to explore. Tuesday we arrived at 2 am, and since we’re trying to be watchful of our spending, we found a row of benches to call home for a few hours, slept and waited for the sun to rise before heading to our hotel.
  • We were pleasantly surprised to have a taxi drover who spoke some english and we set out for The Shanti Lodge. Siting in the left front seat of our cab -where I’m used to having the control- was a foreign feeling to begin with. Then came the morning traffic. Vehicles making their own lanes on the highway and motorbikes weaving in and out like a well rehearsed dance made the drive even better. Organized chaos at its finest.
  • I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as we drove through the city, taking in all the new beautiful plants and flowers along the side of the road while watching the locals dash off to work.
  • When we arrived, we were once again pleasantly surprised to only pay 400 Baht for the cab, when we expected to pay around 550 Baht – we’re already saving money!
  • After some much needed sleep, we walked down to Khao San road (backpackers’s road) in the evening and were instantly thrown into the hustle and bustle of touristy Bangkok. Filled with an array of smells, loud music and a mix of people from around the world, this road is a party. People laying and beds along the street getting massages, Thai men trying to sell you scorpions on a stick and an old women casually frying up a fish remind you that this is
  • And then there’s the shopping…
  • It’s mind boggling to me that clothes and accessories can be that ridiculously inexpensive. I didn’t pack many clothes, but I now wish I brought nothing so I could buy and wear rompers everyday of my life.
  • We then grabbed some Chang beers and people watched. Drunk tourists are super entertaining, especially when they buy eatable scorpions and demand that the vendor eats it. (Which he did by the way, although he didn’t seem too keen).
  • The next day we asked the front desk for a good little market and were told to head over to Bo Bay. After haggling up a storm with a few drivers we had our first tuk tuk experience. It was even better than it imagined! What a way to whip around.
  • When we got to the market we quickly realized this was most definitely a local’s shopping area and stuck out like a sore thumbs… but I guess we better get used to it! We walked down rows upon rows of clothing stalls packed floor to ceiling with clothes. Then came the food vendors making delicious smelling meals and giant bins full of watermelons and pineapples. We got our local market fix and headed back to Khao San road to get some outfits for the trip. I have to say, paying about $6 Canadian for “Ray Bands” feels pretty good.
  • In the evening we got to meet up with Chloe’s mom, step-dad and family friends; it was nice to see people from home. Luckily we went to bed early, but woke up again before 4am… Bangkok is not the quietest of cities, but we’ll be off the beaten track soon enough.
  • We visited our first Buddhist temple today which is one of the most peaceful and humbling experience I’ve ever had. It is, however, interesting to see a monk sitting outside the main door on his smartphone texting. Technology meeting tradition?
  • Today we’ll be planning our route for the next few weeks and perhaps hitting a rooftop bar tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be heading north to Chiang Mai. À bientôt!